Issue #6 - Merry JSMas 2020!

šŸš€ JavaScript & TypeScript

Top typescript mistakes to avoid

TypeScript has added ++ to JS. But it is just a tool like any other programming tool. We need to code our best to make it work for us. In this article, you will learn some of the top typescript mistakes to avoid.

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Creating airdrop like app using JavaScript

If you are an iOS user, you might have been familiar with airdrop. Check out this article to see how a developer creates airdrop like sharing app using JavaScript.

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šŸ˜Ž React Js

Stocks Price Notifier App Using React and GraphQL

A simple full-stack app to learn building an app using React and GraphQL. It uses the Apollo GraphQL stack along with Hasura for the backend.

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Dynamic sitemap for a Next Js website

Learn to generate a site-map for your Next Js website dynamically.

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Learn about optimistic UI in React app

Optimistic UI improves user experience by providing immediate feedback. Learn about it with an example using React and GraphQL in this article.

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āš”ļø React Js - Quick bytes

šŸ“° News

Airtable can be used as a database

This article gives an idea of how to use airtable as your database.

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React hot toast notifications

This package helps you to add toast like notification in your React application. It looks super simple to use and also the UI is beautiful.

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āš”ļø JS - Quick bytes

šŸ“š Courses

We launched our new free course Styling React Applications. It helps you understand different ways to style a React application.

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Max wrote about frontend, and React. Check his blog content, you will like it.

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