Issue #5 - React Hooks + Context, Tailwind CSS and Code Scanning

šŸ˜Ž React Js

Why React Hooks over React HOCs?

Learn and compare how React Hooks simplifies over React higher-order components.

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Learn when to use useMemo Hook

Check the use case for the useMemo hook. Learn when and how to use it in your react applications

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Setting up tailwind CSS on a React app

Learn the easy way to setup Tailwind CSS with a React app. Tailwind CSS is a utility-based CSS library. It is making a wave among frontend developers.

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šŸš€ JavaScript

Beginners guide to Modern JS

This article will quickly introduce you to modern JS features. Of course not all, but enough of it to feel modern JS.

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Challenges faced by N26 in the lack of JS environment

Check out this quick read to know, how N26 makes their web platform work in the environment where JS is not enabled or supported.

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šŸ“° News

Learn how Lyft adapted Next Js for their frontend

This article provides insider details about how Lyft transitioned to Next Js for the frontend.

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Code scanning in Github

Scan your code for security vulnerabilities before it reaches production. You can read more about the awesome feature introduced by Github recently.

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āš”ļø JS - Quick bytes

šŸ“š Courses

We launched our new free course React Router for Beginners this week. It helps you understand React Router in a React application and get started with it.

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