Issue #4 - Typescript, React and Document Fragments

šŸ˜Ž Typescript

A concise introduction to TypeScript

If you want to speed up and get started with typescript basics in a quick time, check out this pocket guide.

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What, Why, and How of Typescript for JavaScript Developers

Learn the what, why, and how of TypeScript as a JS developer. Often, JS developers don't know what TypeScript brings to the table. Why do you need it? This article will provide answers with examples.

React developer cheatsheet to TypeScript

Do you want to know how to use TypeScript in a React application? This cheat sheet will help you to find the ground.

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āš”ļø React Js - Quick bytes

šŸš€ Javascript and CSS

Document Fragments and why you should use them

Learn what is document fragments in a DOM and why you should use them. Often we use the frontend framework without knowing how it works underneath. This article helps you to learn some techniques used in DOM using document fragments.

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How to use the submit button outside a form?

This article provides examples to use the submit button outside a form. Very simple technique and the HTML is valid too.

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Chrome DevTools: CSS Overview Panel

This article helps you to learn refactoring the CSS stylesheets using CSS overview in chrome dev tools.

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āš”ļø JS - Quick bytes

šŸ„ Blog to follow

Robin Wieruch

Robin is very popular among developers who work on React Js or GraphQL. His Road to React, Road to GraphQL books help many to learn the cutting edge frontend technologies using React and GraphQL. His blog posts are eye-openers. You will feel the aha moment with his simple examples.

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