Issue #3 - The full stack magic of Next Js, and React Js

šŸ˜Ž React Js and Next Js

Debugging react state updates without console.log

You don't need console.log to debug to react state changes. Check out the article to learn more about how to use console.table to debug better

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Processing forms using Netlify Forms

Netlify offers a lot of product, Forms is one of their product to have form processing on a static JAMStack site. Check out this article to learn more about Netlify forms on a JAMStatck website.

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Yet another magic of Next Js - Incremental static builds

Check out this blog to learn more on how incremental static builds in Next Js works. It also has a demo to showcase how it works.

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Examples of Production level React apps with source code

Check out the source code examples of production-level apps built using React Js.

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Open graph image as a service - An open-source by Vercel

It is always hard to create an open-source image for each blog post. This tool will help you to create it using a simple web URL. Check it out, it will be a good source code to learn as well.

You can deploy your own og-image generator service using the codebase.

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āš”ļø React Js - Quick bytes

šŸš€ Javascript and CSS

Breaking Chains with Pipelines in JavaScript

Learn to build a simple utility library using JS iterator that provides the functionality of the lodash chaining. Check out the article, it has dense information about how to use modern JavaScript.

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How to use CSS :focus-within

This article provides examples to show how to use :focus-within in CSS.

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āš”ļø JS - Quick bytes

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