Issue #2 - CSS variables in React, JS array methods, and MongoDB aggregation framework

šŸ˜Ž React Js

How to use CSS variable with React

This article helps you to understand how to take advantage of CSS variables in the React app. It is a pretty long read and opinionated but very interesting read for React developers.

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Use CSS Variables instead of React Context

This article is like the one above to use CSS variables instead of the React context. It provides an example of how theme switcher works using CSS variables.

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How to manage long-running tasks in a React app using web workers?

Any app wants to have a faster response time. But what if you have a long-running process, how do you keep the app responsive to the user and still do the task. Don't worry, check out this article.

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šŸš€ Javascript and MongoDB

How to optimize an aggregation query in MongoDB

MongoDB aggregation framework is very powerful. You can aggregate data from a single collection, and many collections together. In this article, you will learn how to optimize an aggregation query in MongoDB.

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How to use different array methods

This article provides examples to use almost all the array methods in Javascript.

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Quick tips for a Node Js application

āš”ļø JS - Quick bytes

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