Issue #1 - Queues, Events, SQL transactions, and Node Js

šŸš€ Javascript and Node Js

Real-Time Exchange Information With Microservices and NodeJs

There are several ways to make micro-services talk to each other. This example RabbitMQ and WebSockets to communicate between micro-services in real-time.

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SQL transactions in Node Js

Atomic transactions are very important to make the data consistent. Otherwise, you will end up with partial data updates and will end up with data corruption. In this article, you will see, how to achieve data consistency using SQL transactions. The example uses the PostgreSQL database.

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Building API using node Js without framework

Often we start any node js project with any of the frameworks like express js. Do you know how to build a web server without any framework in Node Js? This article will help you understand how a web framework get built from scratch.

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šŸ˜Ž Frontend

Optimize the performance of a react application

This article helps you to learn techniques to optimize react application performance. It walks you through a handful set of best practices using react and react hooks.

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šŸ“š Courses and training

We launched our new free course REST API Design using Javascript this week. It helps you understand how to solve some of the problems you come across while creating API.

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