Our tech stack for JS Mates (2021)

Tech stack is often a controversial topic. This post is not about saying our stack is the best.

It is more to say a few things about our stack and how we plan to expand. Tech stacks are always a biased opinion based on what we know and what we love to code.

Frontend: Next Js

Our code base is statically rendered Next Js site. We do have few serverless API routes in Next Js.

Backend: GraphQL with Hasura

Our backend API is written in GraphQL with the Hasura engine.

Database: PostgreSQL

Hasura works with PostgreSQL. So ideally the choice is Postgres for data storage.

Newsletter: Buttondown

We are very happy with the Newsletter service called Buttondown for our newsletters. Subscribe to stay updated on our content and JavaScript.

Frontend Deployment

Automated GitHub based deployment to vercel. We love vercel and Next Js.

Backend deployment

Render helps us to deploy the database and our API services. So far, one of the best and underrated tools for deploying apps with cheap and best service.


Our interactive code examples are powered by Codesandbox.