A retrospective for JS Mates to year 2020

We started JS Mates to teach beginners the skills needed to become a Pro JS developer. We have slowly built the habits to write blog posts every day. And share it with our social media followers.

So far, we are very happy with the process. Next year will be even more challenging.

We have created a couple of beginner-level courses on API, and React.

What is challenging?

Keep creating more courses along with a full-time job is really challenging. But once the course gets launched and sees the people read it makes the challenge worth it.

We have plans to create a lot of new free courses next year too.

What went well?

Publishing the site and creating content for the site went fairly well without consuming more time in the development stage

What could have been better?

Expectations could have been better. We always wanted to do a lot of things. But due to time limitations, we end up doing only smaller things.

We believe slow progress is still better than no progress though. So our progress will continue but now we have learned the essential lesson of one step at a time. It's OK to take the time we want.

Plans ahead for 2021

  • Weekly quizzes on JavaScript and React (From Jan 2021)
  • Weekly Ask Us Anything sessions (From Jan 2021)
  • React Bootcamp to become a Pro (Launching in March 2021)
  • More free courses on GraphQL, React, and JavaScript